Polygel Nagel Extension Homekit™

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Make your own artificial nails now, easily from home!

Polygel Nail Kit™ | Maak gemakkelijk de mooiste kunstnagels – Trutha

Our Polygel Nail Extension Homekit ™ contains everything you need to make your nails look beautiful and professional again.


  • Everything you need in 1 home kit
  • Professional quality nails
  • Beautiful nails in minutes
  • Fast and very easy to use

What is Polygel and How Does It Work?

Polygel is a new product for making artificial nails. For Polygel, the best properties from acrylic and hard gel have been used to arrive at Polygel.

1. Polish your nails with the supplied file

2. Apply a thin layer of Base Coat and then dry the nail for 30 seconds with the LED UV lamp.

3. Take the correct Nail Tip and apply the Poly Extension Gel to the Tip

4. Dip the brush in the Slip Solution and spread the Poly Extension Gel over the Tip

5. Then place the Nail Tip with Poly Extension Gel on the nail. Dry the nail for 60 seconds with the LED UV lamp.

6. Apply a thin layer of Top Coat and dry the nail again for 30 seconds with the LED UV lamp.

Play with colors and length

Our Polygel Nail Extension Homekit ™ contains 3 colors of gel:

1x Old pink, 1x Pink and 1x Transparent


1x Old pink, 1x Pink and 1x Coffee brown

1x White, 1x Pink and 1x transparent

The Nail Tips are long in themselves, but can easily be shortened to the desired length. This is easy to do by filing them shorter with the supplied file. You can also cut pieces off with nail scissors. Of course you can also use other colors of nail polish.

What's in the kit?

1x Poly Extension Gel old pink worth € 10, -

1x Poly Extension Gel pink worth € 10, -

1x Poly Extension Gel transparent worth € 10, -

1x LED UV lamp worth € 30, -

1x Base Coat worth € 5, -

1x Top Coat worth € 5, -

1x Slip Solution worth € 10, -

1x 100 pcs Nail Tips worth € 10, -

3x Tassels worth € 5, -

1x Nail tool worth € 2.50

1x Nail file worth € 2.50


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